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Saturday, January 21, 2006

Interview With South East Regional Director Alex Petroski

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Testing New Audioblog.com Account

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RTP Lawsuit Update

A new post just came in at givemeliberty.org.

By Order of the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit, Bob Schulz, representing himself, and Mark Lane, attorney for the other 1700 named Plaintiffs, have been directed to file their legal Briefs by February 22, 2006.

Read article here.

Interview With Montana State Coordinator Stan Jones

Listen below to telephone interview with WTP Montana State Coordinator Stan Jones.

this is an audio post - click to play

This interview with WTP Montana State Coordinator Stan Jones was recorded using the Odeo audio recording system. Then I used the audioblogger.com player button to hotlink to the audio file. You can also listen to the interview on the Odeo flash player here. Notice that we did get almost 12 minutes of uninterupted audio recording. I imagine that we may have been able to go on for maybe 20 or 30 minutes or maybe even longer without any problem. I'm still experimenting with the Odeo recorder and testing out its reliability. The Odeo recorder is free which is always a good thing. Maybe we'll be able to get some use out of it. The one drawback that I see with it is that it does not automatically post to the blog. We'll keep at it and see how things go. Thanks for listening. Stay tuned for more.

Friday, January 20, 2006

Need Contact Information For Regional Directors

If anybody has contact information, telephone number and email address, for any of the Regional Directors listed in the left hand column of this blog please leave that information in the reader comments for us. Need Dan Anderson, Matthew Phillips, Alex Petroski, and Greg Post. Thank you.

WTP Blog Audio Solution

The capability of long feed, reliable, remote posting audioblogging is essential to having a good, informative, and useful blog.

To date we have experimented with audioblogger.com which gives us the remote posting capability but not the long feed or the reliability.

We have also experimented with Odeo which gives us the long feed but not the remote posting capability, and the reliability is still in question.

Both of the above mentioned services are free.

The best audioblogging solution, however, that I am aware of at this time comes from audioblog.com. This service has been proven to be a very reliable long feed remote posting audioblog service as seen at triallogs.blogspot.com. The only real drawback to this service is the cost of $4.95 per month.

I would submit that by incorporating the audioblog.com service we could greatly improve the quality of the WTP Congress blog.

I sent the following email to National Director Tim Randolph.

From : Doug Kenline dkenline@hotmail.com
Sent : Friday, January 20, 2006 9:59 PM
To : timarwtpcc@yahoo.com
CC : FKSmart@aol.com
Subject : WTP Blog audio solution.


Audioblog.com has the best audioblogging solution on the market at this time.

It has been used with much success at triallogs.blogspot.com covering tax trials.

It is not free. It costs $4.95 per month.

Does the WTP Congress have $4.95 per month in its budget to cover the cost of this premier audioblogging service?

Doug Kenline
WTP Congress Blog Team

National Director And Regional Director Status Reports

We are working to get status reports posted here from the National Director and also from each of the Regional Directors.

Stay tuned for status reports from the National and Regional Directors.

Names Of Regional Directors Added

The names of the Regional Directors have been added in the left hand column of this blog. We will be adding their contact information there as well.

Conference Bridge Test Concluded At This Time

Ok, that was a pretty good test. I got the hang of setting up a free teleconference bridge and recording it with the Odeo recorder.

I think the Odeo recorder quit recording though about half way through. It may have the same problem as the audioblogger system that always stops recording after awhile causing you to lose a lot of recording time when you thought you were recording but when in fact the system has stopped recording.

We'll keep at it and see how it goes. We may have to go with the $5 per month audioblog.com system which seems to be very reliable at least.

Here are the audio recordings from the test tonight. It's just me talking and listening to hold music from the conference bridge that noboby joined. We'll try it again and see if we have better luck then.

Also the Odeo Audio Flashplayer doesn't seem to be showing up at this time. They may have some problems with that too. Odeo may not yet be ready for prime time. We'll keep testing and see how it goes.

Audio Segment One

Audio Segment Two

You can also play the audio in the Odeo flash player here and here.

Nobody joined the bridge. I have left the bridge at this time.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

I am on the conference call at this time. Please call in and join the bridge.

Conference Call Tonight At 11:45 PM ET

Date: Thursday, January 19, 2006
Start Time: 11:45 p.m. Eastern Std Time
Dial-in Number: 1-712-580-1100
Participant Access Code 741776

Audio of the call will be recorded and posted to the blog. Please join the call if you are able.

Testing Odeo Audio Player

UPDATE: Odeo flash player not showing up on the blog here now. See example of Odeo flash player here.

UPDATE II: The trouble must be with my home computer. The flash player is showing up good on my computer here at work.

Volunteers With Digital Cameras Needed In Tucson, Arizona January 28

If you will be attending the event in Tucson, Arizona on January 28 and have a digital camera and would be willing to take pictures of the event for the blog here please leave your name and contact information in reader comments or send email to dkenline@hotmail.com. Thank you very much.

Feature Film About IRS Saturday, January 28th Tucson, Arizona

Feature film directed by Aaron Russo about IRS will be shown in its entirety at the Tucson WTP meeting on Saturday, January 28th. The meeting is free and open to the public.

Russo has offered to present his new film in advance of its premier showing in Cannes, to the congregations of patriots assembled at the upcoming WTP regional conferences.

Contact: Terry Bressi AZ WTP Congress State Coordinator.

Details here.

Bob Schulz and Former IRS Special Agent Speaking In Southern California March '06?

From Joe Banister - [Bob Schulz and] I will be speaking at the 2006 Health and Freedom Conference in Irvine, California, which will be held Friday March 10th through Sunday March 12th, 2006. Barring any unforeseen scheduling difficulties, one or more members of my legal team are also planning to attend and may be given an opportunity to speak to the gathering. I will be joining many other speakers that weekend, some of whom you may be familiar with and some not. For more information go to www.livefreenow.org and click on "2006 Health and Freedom Conference" or call Freedom law School at (760) 868-4271 for a color brochure.

More details here.

Editor's Note: This appears to be a scheduling conflict?

Bob Schulz Schedule 2006
Saturday March 4: North Carolina
Sunday March 5: South Carolina
Saturday March 11: Washington State
Sunday March 12: Oregon
Saturday March 18: Illinois

Wednesday Night Status Report With National Director Tim Randolph

Doug Kenline spoke on the telephone with National Director Tim Randolph for the nightly WTP Congress status report.

Here are some highlights from that call...

Got status report on parts of the Plan Of Record (POR) that are being worked on in the technical department.

Shortly will be able to reveal more details regarding the Plan Of Record.

Interviewing for North Central Regional Director.

Missing South Central Regional Director.

Eight Regional Director slots.

Six positions are filled.

Actively interviewing for final two Regional Director slots.

Tim Randolph will not be at the January 29 event in Tucson.

Bob Schulz in Tucson, Arizona Saturday January 28.

Contact: Terry Bressi AZ WTP Congress State Coordinator.

Volunteer photographers and audio correspondents needed in Tucson January 28.

WTP Congress set to become biggest news network in the world.

Daily status reports from National Director Tim Randolph here at the blog.

List of Regional Directors will be posted at top of left hand column of this blog.

Tim Randolph will hold question and answer sessions here at the blog.

Telephone conference calls with National and Regional Directors coming.

Audio of telephone conference calls will be posted here at the blog.

Video blogging coming soon.

Click on links below to listen to the audio recording of the call...

Audio Segment One

Audio Segment Two

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Volunteer With Digital Camera Needed

WTP Congress is looking for somebody to take digital pictures at the January 28 event in Tucson, Arizona who could then email the pictures into the blog here for everybody to see. We need lots of pictures from Tucson, Arizona January 28 event here at the blog. Leave your name and contact information in the reader comments please. Thank you very much. Also if somebody has a digital video camera I think we could post video here using YouTube.com or any number of free video hosting services. - WTP Blog Team

Bob Schulz Schedule 2006

Saturday January 28: Tucson, Arizona
Saturday February 4: Colorado Springs, Colorado
Saturday February 11: Austin, Texas
Saturday February 18: Florida
Saturday February 25: California
Saturday March 4: North Carolina
Sunday March 5: South Carolina
Saturday March 11: Washington State
Sunday March 12: Oregon
Saturday March 18: Illinois
Saturday March 25: New Hampshire
Sunday March 26: Vermont
Saturday April 1: New York
Sunday April 2: New Jersey
Saturday April 8: Virginia

Friday, April 21 - Sunday, April 23
Give Me Liberty 2006 National Conference,
Washington, DC

Monday, April 24 - Sunday, May 7
"Hungering for Redress" WTP protest event
Washington, DC.

Read more here.

Interview With National Director Tim Randolph

Below is an audio interview with WTP Congress National Director Tim Randolph. Thanks for your time Tim. If you have anything else to add or want to make any clarifications feel free to jump on the blog and do so at anytime.

We'll try to have daily reports for the members of the Congress here at the blog as we build towards the National Conference and Hunger Strike in April. Stay tuned.

Segment One

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Segment Two

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Segment Three

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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Open Audio Message To Tim Randolph, Terry Bressi, Bob Schulz, And All WTP Congress Members

Contact Your Local Coordinators & Volunteers

Below is an open audioblog message to the members of We The People Congress. In the audio message Doug Kenline talks about the need to get the blog going now, the plan to get the blog going right away, and the capabilities that a good blog needs to have to be effective.

Doug specifically addresses the need for a good blog to have audioblogging capabilities. He talks about how here at this blog we now have unlimited 5 minute segments of audio for free. He talks about the cost of having free unlimited audioblogging capabilities as provided by www.odeo.com.

Doug talks about audioblogger versus audioblog.com. He talks about triallogs.blogspot.com and the traffic that they have been getting. He talks about the free sitemeter, reader comments, two-way interactivity, left and right hand column, the header, free telephone conferencing, posting the audio of the teleconference call on the blog, and other technical aspects of a good blog for good blogging success.

Doug talks about the free cost of this prototype blog verses the projected cost of the finalized blog. Listen to the audio below.

Segment One

this is an audio post - click to play

Segment Two

this is an audio post - click to play

Segment Three

this is an audio post - click to play

Open Letter To Tim Randolph

To Tim Randolph:

Who is in charge of the WTP blogging effort?

What is the projected date for the permanent WTP blog to be online?

What will be the URL web address of the blog?

I would suggest...




or something like that.

Here we have a blog to get started on.

I would like to suggest that we use this blog as the WTP Congress blog until we get the permanent blog established.

Please reply to me here on this blog and let's get a conversation going amongst the supporters of Bob Schulz here.

This can be our central meeting and planning space until the permanent blog is finalized.

See some examples of other blogs in the blogroll in the left hand column of this blog and also in the left hand column of this blog here.

Let me know what you think.


Doug Kenline
Atlanta, Georgia

Monday, January 16, 2006

WTP Congress Blog URL Web Address

I have reserved this domain name as well in case the members of the Congress might like it better. givemeliberty.blogspot.com was my first choice but that was already taken. I had bobschulz.blogspot.com already set up so I just decided to use that one. Then while working on that one I thought of wtpcongress.blogspot.com which was available so I have reserved that domain here at this time.