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Saturday, April 08, 2006

History Is On Our Side

From the Desk of Alex Petroski, South East Regional Director of WTP

Since our last talk so much has happened.

Most significantly, WTP started the Ft. Myers - Naples Florida monthly meeting. We will be having the first Tampa Bay monthly meeting in Pinellas County next week.

The committees are beginning to get going. Remember all we ask is for 2-3 hours a week be dedicated to working together to accomplish our goals. This can be done over the phone for the most part. There are other items in motion that we will update you on as they happen.

MOST IMPORTANT! Do not look to National headquarters or even to me as the South Eastern Director to move things along. This effort MUST be a grassroots, neighborhood coalition. We need to reach the School Board, the County Commission, the Town Council. They all must be educated. We need to contact the local Police and Sheriff's offices and then the Community Attorneys.

In Tampa Bay, we are working diligently using this area as a template. From there we will duplicate what we have learned and are applying all over the South East. We here in Tampa will include all who want to help.

Please remember to put your best foot forward as many in government do not understand their true roll. We need to teach them.

I encourage all to be sure you are in compliance with all your local laws and other statutes. Those that owe Federal, State, and Local taxes be sure you file correctly and with honesty and integrity

Remember, history is on our side. A minutes worth of education and organization can institute change. We will succeed in this noble endeavor. All good men and women must stand up and be counted.

Thank you for all your help,