We The People Congress Blog

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

From the desk of Alex Petroski, South East Regional Director

Great news!

The college campus drive has begun!

St. Petersburg College has agreed for "We The People" to set up tables at all their campus's to pass out information and answer any questions the students have regarding the organization and what we do.

The Associate Provost met with the other campus Provosts last week and we recieved their permission to set up for a couple hours per day, two days a week to start off, in Pinellas County, Fl. Also we will be setting up a table at the "Bull Market" at the University of South Florida in Tampa beginning next week, Wednesday.

We are not allowed to push anything on anyone, but we are allowed to talk, pass out flyers and brochures, and we will do our best to set up chapters on each campus to teach "junior" WTP Congressmen and women.

This is also a call to action! Anyone living in the area that can spare the time to volunteer at the tables for a couple hours one or two days a week, please get in touch with me or Steve Roberts, the Education Committee chairman.

Also, anyone wishing to set up something at colleges and Universities close to you, please call Donna and she will tell you what you need to do. All I can say is, "Thanks for all those who are making the effort to stand up for our rights." We couldn't do it without you.

Things are moving along at a fast pace, considering, so let us know soon.