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Friday, March 17, 2006

Letter to the Editor, courtesy of the WTP supporter
who arranged for Aaron Russo's movie to be shown in
Portland, Oregon last week:

Who Thought a Movie Could Change Your Life

On Sunday March 12th an event took place that was both shattering and invigorating at the same time. We had all gathered simply to watch a movie but the movie would change forever how I felt about the government and my taxes.

Obviously, I wasn't alone in how I felt because at the end, the rest of the audience was on its feet just like me giving the film a standing ovation. We all knew this was an important part of history and a truth finally being told.

The movie is Aaron Russo's incredible new documentary America -- From Freedom to Fascism and I thought I was just going to see some interesting footage about the IRS, the Federal Reserve Bank and how they have not been exactly straightforward with us for decades. I had no idea what I was in for.

The standing room only crowd of about 250 had waited patiently outside in the cold for over two hours before the doors of The Clinton Street Theater opened. A long line was still there when capacity of the historic theater was reached and the doors closed.

A quiet mannered, gray-haired gentleman I'd never heard of addressed the crowd and when Bob Schulz began to talk, an immediate hushed silence feel on the audience giving me the impression that I was in the presence of someone very important. It wasn't long before I understood why that feeling was so absolutely correct.

Bob Schulz is the founder of the We the People Foundation, the organization bringing the advance screening of Russo’s movie to theaters across the nation. He spoke for about 30 minutes on the lawsuit being brought against the US government.

I was a little confused at first but it all came into focus when I realized this man had put his money, house and possible future liberty on the line to help prove a very important point. Our government and a herd of very wealthy bankers have massively deceived us all for over 75 years, robbing us near penniless in the process. I was starting to think maybe this wasn't going to be such a fun afternoon.

Russo's movie started quietly enough with Aaron just asking some simple questions of an amazingly cooperative Federal government bureau – the IRS. The answers he was getting were funny at first but then all of a sudden it stopped being funny and I started feeling sick to my stomach. What followed was 90 minutes of a sometimes very humorous but often chilling expose of a purposeful gang of thieves and their intent for the American people – you and me!

The evidence was undeniable and so damning as to make me feel party to the dirtiest little secret ever perpetrated on a populace anywhere at any time in history. But it also made me feel oddly thankful. It's out! Like some dark, long hidden, sick and sad family event that has finally come into the light. It felt clean and fresh and hopeful.

This is the most important movie you will see this or any other year. It will tell you the truth. It will break your heart and then it will make you very, very determined to change things. Make no mistake. This is a disturbing movie and you will not leave feeling like you've just seen Lord of the Rings. However, you will leave with a sense of a new destiny for this nation.

If you think, "hell hath no fury like a woman scorned", you haven't met an electorate that has been lied to by generations of their elected representatives. It makes a scorned woman look like a purring kitten. Washington DC, you are being put on notice, we know the truth and we are NOT amused.

Renee Daphne Kimball