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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Message From Gary Franchi

Gary Franchi left this note in the reader comments. Thank you Gary Franchi.

Video of the Chicago event here.

America: From Freedom to Fascism this film will change the face of the nation.

On 3/18 the film was shown to a packed house in St. Charles, IL about an hour outside of Chicago.


Before the film was presented the Chairman of the "We the People Foundation" Bob Schulz spoke for about 25 min, after the film's Director spoke, for an equal 25 min, and took questions from the audience. This is the video recording of the event.

Our video starts with an opening montage using still images and KMFDM's song "New American Century" followed by a few words from the founder of the "Lone Lantern Society", Gary Franchi. It then opens with a short introduction speech then Bob Schulz speaks for 20 or so min. In the middle is the trailer for the film "America: From Freedom to Fascism", followed by words from the director himself, Aaron Russo and Q/A from the audience.

EXCLUSIVE--- Use this link to stream the LLS Video of the event here.

America: From Freedom to Fascism is so powerful in content that once the American people see it they will know the absolute truth about the deception played on them.

America: From Freedom to Fascism is tentatively scheduled for release on July 4th 2006.

Topics include:
The IRS Tax Fraud
The Federal Reserve Lie
Real ID, Microchiping Americans
Free Trade
Executive Orders that can enslave the American People.
And more.......

Shot on location at The ARCADA Theatre by LLS founder Gary Franchi.


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