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Saturday, March 25, 2006

From The Desk of the Southeast Regional Director of WTP Congress

We just completed two major tasks after the showing of the Russo film here in Tampa. We helped arrange the Atlanta showing, and some of us participated at the Veteran's for Peace Rally in Tampa to get the message out about the importance of "redress of grievances" as one of our fundamental rights to keep an out of control government in check.

Although WTP Congress is non partisan, we made some great contacts with the political parties in Tampa. We also have some possibilities of getting Bob, Joe Bannister, and Aaron Russo on the Montel Williams Show.

A new member that we met last week came to her first meeting with us and made arrangements for us to go to USF (The University of South Florida) to pass out flyers and help get some of the students involved. We are planning to start a WTP Congress Chapter there. But we are not stopping there. Our goal is to start a WTP Congress chapter in every college and University across the South East. This is just the beginning.

We have had some of the members begin to help by committing to a few hours (2-3) each week. We have to keep reminding ourselves that when Dr. Martin Luther King began his movement, he didn't have cell phones, email, fax machines, computers, blogs, websites, printers.......well you get the point. He only had word of mouth, and those mad enough and motivated enough to get moving.

Are we mad enough yet to get motivated?

When I took the position of South East Regional Director for WTP, Donna and I made a descision that she would quit her job, I would work full time, and that with her help we could together put in 50-60 hours to get WTP up and running in the SE. We know not everyone is in the position to do that, nor do we expect you to, but 2-3 hours a week is great!

Also, back in November, Bob Schulz said that he was going on another hunger strike. I suggested that he not do that until he had an organization big enough to stand behind him. So it is time that we all start applying ourselves. Everyone in the organization has to help. It might appear we can't do it alone, but we will if necessary. Look what others have accomplished with less means. With a committment of 2-3 hours a week, you will be surprised what can be accomplished. It can be done during your lunch break, or after the kids go to bed. There is no lack of ideas to hold the government accountable. We can all do a little bit.

Last time we put out a call to action, we had so many people respond but we weren't prepared. We are ready this time! The SE chapter of WTP Congress has a very definite purpose and goal in mind. Please give us a call and tell us what committee you would like to be on, and then we will begin to work together as a well organized group. We have job descriptions for each committee. If you'd like a copy of them let us know. Someone will be contacting you to update your information and see where you stand as far as committees. But don't wait for them to call you. Call me, or Donna, or email us.


Alex Petroski
Southeast Regional Director
Tampa Bay, Florida

Tyranny is when the people fear their government. Liberty is when the government fears the people.

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