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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

(Updated below...)

Volunteers Needed In Kansas City This Saturday

WTP Congress is looking for volunteers who will be at the event this weekend in Kansas City to call in audio reports to the blog and also for volunteers to take digital pictures they can send in to the blog by email for posting.

Also if anybody can take video shots of the event with a camcorder and upload the video to Google Video we will post that on the blog here as well.

Please reply in the reader comments.

KANSAS CITY , Missouri

SATURDAY, Feb 25, 11 AM to 3 PM
Majestic Theatres
7430 NW 87th Street
Kansas City, Missouri 64153
(Off I-29, take Barry Road exit)

Read more at GiveMeLiberty.org.

UPDATE: Same volunteers as above also needed for all upcoming events building up to the Hunger Strike in Washington DC where we hope to be able to provide a good deal of live coverage here at the blog.

We will be giving a Hollywood Award to the best Citizen coverage of the upcoming event in Beverly Hills. Dust off your cell phones, digital cameras, and video cams and step up to the plate. Become the next Edward R. Murrow.