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Sunday, February 19, 2006

Report From Tampa Bay

From : WTPSoutheast@aol.com
Sent : Sunday, February 19, 2006 3:17 PM
Subject : Ok, the Tampa screening

All of this is my personal viewpoint.

First of all, we have to say what an honor it was to have Bob Schulz here in Tampa to bring us the important information, the DVD for the Right to Petition Lawsuit, and the Aaron Russo film. What monumental information!

Second we want to thank Pat Vida, the manager of Channelside Cinemas and IMAX, for all that she did. Let me explain. First of all, she put ads in the newspapers both the Tampa Bay Times and the Weekly Planet promoting the Aaron Russo Film, at Channelside 10. She said, "Hey I was going to run the ad for the whole theatre anyway." WTP did not have to pay a cent for both ads. And the ads were great (pics to follow). She personally came down with a dolly to help us take in equipment. She had her crew help to make sure everything ran smoothly. She had her technical guy come in and work the technical aspects of the meeting, microphones, digital projectors for both the dvd and the film. She personally provided water, cokes, popcorn (which turned out to be the only meal some of us had until dinner) for the volunteers.Then when all was over, she and the owners refused payment and said to consider it their donation to the organization and cause.We will do any and all functions that come up where we need the space, with her and her crew.

Third, on a personal note,the Russo film was fantastic and yes I do want to see it again. I sort of bribed my mother into going and my daughter (32) went to see it, after years of giving me a hard time over my involvement fighting the government. Her and my sons (21 and 28) could only think that I was going to get into trouble. After seeing the film, she looked at me and said, "WOW! I am amazed!"

Then she went home to tell her brothers what she had seen.We were at the restaurant with Bob Schulz, eating dinner after the event, and I got a call.

The next words I heard, were, " Mom, I owe you a big apology!" It was my son. My daughter had gone and reported the whole event to both him and my other son. They were all on the phone calling to tell me how sorry they were for not trusting my judgement and how they want to know how to get involved. My mom saw me in the film, during the kickoff march for the WTP Lawsuit (small clip) and said,"Was that what you were doing?" Thank you Aaron Russo!

There were probably 250 people there. Again a standing ovation for the film. What else can we say! Aaron Russo had the guts to make this film, and the conviction to stand behind it. All I can say is: IF YOU HAVE THE OPPORTUNITY TO SEE IT IN YOUR AREA, GO SEE IT!

And take your family, friends, and neighbors. Aaron Russo has proven the government agenda, fraud, and the reason the IRS has been free to do as they wish.

Sherry P Jackson showed how unsuspecting many of the IRS agents are. All they know is that there must be a law for them to be backed so heavily by the DOJ and government officials. Perhaps a reminder to be kind to them. You never know when they might get it!Thank goodness that she and others are learning the fraud, and better yet....that they are doing something about it.

So many of the people in the film contributed to the validity of what most of us have been trying to say and make public for many years.But I especially thank Bob Schulz for putting together a group that will institutionalize vigilance and make sure our government officials are held accountable.If you have the room to volunteer for the job, please do. We need people to keep up the good fight.

I am renting Gandhi this weekend!

Donna Gwinn