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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

New Blog Contest

Questions For The Congress

Submit your questions for the We The People Congress Blog in the reader comments and win the chance to have your question posted here on the blog.

We will try to get direct audioblog answers from the Directors.

We are looking for someone to become our main audioblog correspondent. Your job will be to call the We The People Congress Directors and ask them the questions that get posted to the blog. You will use the We The People Congress audioblog.com recorder account to record the conversation for posting of the audio to the blog here.

Or we could have them all answer the questions together as a team using FreeConfernce.com if we could get them all on the telephone at the same time. That would make it easier for our correspondent. Sort of a "Meet the Press" type of program. If it's Sunday, it's Meet the Press.

Please leave your suggestions and feedback in the reader comments.

Or perhaps we will get a number of volunteers to be audio correspondents. The more the better. If we get two we could assign one to half of the Directors and one to the other half of the Directors.

Volunteer in the reader comments and we'll send you the call in numbers.

We are also looking for somebody to call in an audioblog report from Tampa Bay this weekend.

And somebody to take digital pictures of the event in Tampa for the blog here.

And it would be great if somebody could get a live audioblog interview with Bob Schulz at the event in Tampa like Victor did in Tucson. Corresponding photos could win you the Pulitzer prize.

We are aiming to put together a World Class News Organization here at the We The People Congress Blog. Soon will be coming video highlights brought to you by YouTube.com.

See The miracle of YouTube.

Maybe we can get Aaron Russo to help us produce a few spots in his spare time.

The Directors will answer the questions to the best of their ability on the audioblog player here on the blog.

We are hiring for WTP Congress Chief Audioblog Correspondent and additional field audioblog correspondents. We pay unlimited Freedom and Liberty.

Be a bold leader. Step up to the plate and take the job today! Become the next Howard Stern, Oprah Winfrey, or Brit Hume.

Please volunteer and leave your QUESTIONS FOR THE CONGRESS questions in the reader comments now.