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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Message From Alex Petroski

It has been about 24 hours since I watched the Aaron Russo film. The more I think about it, the more I realize we must act now! It will take about 10 people in each county across the Southeast willing to write letters, hand out flyers, contact the media, and be an "all around" advocate for the Constitution. From there we will be able to grow in numbers in a relatively short time. Let's face it, this is OUR country, we need to defend it. Bob said over, and over, and over again, "T he Constitution cannot defend itself. It will take educated and dedicated Americans to bring about the necessary changes." Political change is slow, sometimes very slow. But the power of the people can demand change over night. WE need to get govenrment back inside the box, and WE have to watch the box!

There are some who will be recieving this message who have been around for quite a while. It's important that you recognize that yesterdays trials and tribulations are nothing more than spilled milk. We need to look to the future and ask ourselves, " What can I do for my country"

I need those that want to be leaders or who think they can be leaders with a little help, to contact me as soon as possible. In the next couple days, we will have a Southeast conference call set up by region, state, and eventually by county. We are creating a compliance committee, where abuses of the Constitution can be reported. We are also creating a media committee, a membership committee, and an educational committee.

There is one more thing heavy on my heart. We, as an organization, must do the right thing. Over the last four weeks as the Southeastern Regional Coordinator for We The People Congress, I have heard a lot of stories. I have broad shoulders, I am a good listener. However we, as an organization, must put our differences aside. It doesn't matter to me whether you agree 100%, as long as you agree that change must occur and it must occur NOW!

No other organization has gone to the lengths that Bob Schulz and We The People Congress has gone in order to bring about change. Put your differences away. Let us unite to save the Republic!

Thank you,

Alex Petroski
Southeast Regional Coordinator
We The People Congress