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Sunday, February 19, 2006

Film Reviews

From : kenneth guthery kenguthery@gmail.com
Sent : Sunday, February 19, 2006 11:44 AM
Subject : Hello again!

Greetings from Tampa. Our last communication was from Tessa's trial and since then I was anxious about Art Farnsworth's trial, but decided you were probably finding the same info that I was getting. However, I was so moved by seeing Aaron Russo's film yesterday that I had to tell you. I couldn't go to sleep last night until after 3 AM and decided then that it was important to write you. Since this is going out all over the country there may be some who have already had the opportunity to see the movie, but I believe most have not.

For me it all began a couple years ago when I heard that a Hollywood producer was going to make a movie about the Tax Honesty movement. I think the first couple of times I heard it came from sources that would not have necessarily been from some who would know for sure. Then, I remember riding with Sherry Jackson one day going to Joe's trial and she mentioned it and in such a way that it would eventually happen. Then when I read that it had happened and would be shown here in Tampa I was thrilled. Not only was it being shown here, it was not in a meeting room at a Holiday Inn on a small screen, but in a theater setting. Wow!!

I began contacting everyone that I thought might be willing to attend a free movie and get some free education as well. This limited me to about 30 people and ended up with only two coming. Hindsight would now have caused me to have figured out ways to invite hundreds of people and even with the same percentage showing up it would have been better. An easy way to do this would have been putting up flyers anywhere they could be put up where people see them, if I had known and had access to the flyers that were up at the theater.

The two who came from my invitation are new to all of this. Both are married with young children, one in his late twenties and one in his early 30's. I am trying to get them to write down their perception of the movie and how it affected them. If I can get this from them I will send it to you.

In case you are bored so far and to eliminate the possibility that you will not read to the end, I want you to hear from me that the movie is eye opening and convincing even to skeptics and perhaps the way we may get to the masses in this country if it reaches theaters across the land. If this does not happen and is even available on DVD for purchase it will take longer, but could be the best tool we have ever had for enlightenment. What I want you to know is that if you are given the opportunity to see this, even if it is hundreds of miles away, you must make the extra effort to go see it. You will not regret it.

There were over 250 present. Our event started with an introduction and announcements. Then, a close friend, Harry McKay, became Patrick Henry for 7 minutes. Dressed like him, gave from memory his famous speech and received a standing ovation. It was so befitting the occasion and Harry did a superb job. Then we watched the WTP DVD regarding highlights from the live C-Span broadcast and protest event July 19, 2004. This is good and available from WTP site for a $100 donation. I got one and plan to make it available for several to see.

We had a break and then the movie. I did not take notes and had no plan to write anything about the movie, so I am unable to give much of a synopsis of the movie. I can tell you some of the things that moved me.

The movie was divided into two subjects, the IRS and the Federal Reserve. Seeing this movie will give the basics of both subjects in a concise, believable, provable, interesting, understandable way that took me years to find out piece by piece. There are some very moving moments that bring tears to your eyes, some that cause anger to well up inside you, and guilt inside of me that I have failed.

My failure was brought to light in that I have not been able to influence enough people to get serious about this. This movie enlightens in such a way as to bring the whole picture into focus so that I believe the masses that are totally unaware would be shocked into reality and at least their eyes opened enough to question and no longer be skeptical. Had I known what I know now about the movie I would have spent hundreds of hours getting the word out. Understanding my failure, I knew I had to tell you so that you do not make the same mistake and overlook this opportunity if you have it.

You will get to witness a juror tell you what happened in a trial for willful failure to file in a state tax court case and why the jury found him not guilty, but not easily. The juror will tell you glowingly how the light bulb went on in her head that the law showing that he was required to file was not being given to the jury when they asked for it. Even after she realized this it was not easy to get the other jurors to understand it. Again, another American who was willing to stand up for what is right and lawful!

Below I found a brief review from others who saw the film in other states that give you a better overview than I could.

Thank you for listening and know that we are continuing our struggle with the oppressors, but with vigor and optimism. We would like for it to all be over with and everything solved easily, but the reality is very different. Please continue to be strong and to be a light to all those around you.


Ken & Marlene Guthery

by Mark Yannone
January 28, 2006

I went to see the prescreening of Aaron Russo's latest movie, America: From Freedom to Fascism, at the Hilton Phoenix Airport last night. It was a powerful and engaging film that received a well-deserved standing ovation from the group of about 120 adults in attendance, most of who were over 30.

The two major topics were the federal income tax and the Federal Reserve. Minor topics were the New World Order, vote fraud, education, government lies, and the police state. The ending contained a call to action that Russo promised will be significantly enhanced in the final edition.

A couple of members of the audience mentioned in the subsequent Q&A session that they were not aware of most of what was presented. An Arizona State University teacher said her students were largely unaware also.

The good news is that everyone in the room was apparently persuaded by the testimony given by the members of the Tax Honesty Movement and good folks like G Edward Griffin. The scenes with Irwin Schiff, Joe Banister, John Turner, Sherry Jackson Peel, Larken Rose, Charlie Beale, Bob Schulz, Dave Champion, Vernie Kuglin, and others were particularly powerful and persuasive. The feds definitely stink on ice in this movie--as well they might.

Bottom line: Aaron Russo has earned his place in the preferred section of Heaven with this film, and the nation owes him a large debt of gratitude for having produced it. Eliciting cheers and tears from the audience, America: From Freedom to Fascism is so moving and effective that I wouldn't be surprised to read that Aaron Russo committed suicide by stabbing himself in the back four times before the train hit him, and all copies of the movie have mysteriously vanished.

However, if Aaron Russo and the movie survive until the final release, we should expect to find America: From Freedom to Fascism in theaters this summer. For anyone over the age of reason, including the 67 million Americans who no longer file federal income tax returns, missing this movie will be a costly mistake.

Watch for it.

Dixon Cannon said...

Well, the title as it is, I saw the film "America: From Freedom to Fascism" tonight in Tucson, Arizona. From the moment it begins it is gripping, informative and down right scary! The viewer comes away with an understanding that as good as we might be in our day to day lives, we are all targets of a runaway government, intent on exerting it's power and expressing it's will despite the law.

Particularly chilling is the interview with a Virginia Beach, VA family whose homes and business were raided by the IRS on mere unsubstantiated accusations; the victims of Police State authoritarians. Another interview with a former IRS Commissioner who, now a high-powered D.C. attorney, can't seem to make the connection between Supreme Court decisions on the Constitutionality of the Income Tax and how the IRS regards voluntary compliance with a law he's unable to articulate. Flustered, the commissioner ends the interview abruptly and asks Russo to leave.

Russo is a bulldog as he prowls halls of government trying to get someone to just show him the Law that says a working citizen in the United States owes an Income Tax, or just to acknowledge prior Supreme Court rulings on the subject. Clips of press conferences and television interviews and news cuttings reveal obfuscation, saber rattling and threats but not one answer that clearly defines the Law, the statutes or the Tax obligations of American citizens.

Aaron Russo has created a compelling and troubling documentary that indeed gives the impression that America has already moved from Freedom to Fascism (and defines the terms so the viewer can decide for themselves).