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Thursday, January 19, 2006

Wednesday Night Status Report With National Director Tim Randolph

Doug Kenline spoke on the telephone with National Director Tim Randolph for the nightly WTP Congress status report.

Here are some highlights from that call...

Got status report on parts of the Plan Of Record (POR) that are being worked on in the technical department.

Shortly will be able to reveal more details regarding the Plan Of Record.

Interviewing for North Central Regional Director.

Missing South Central Regional Director.

Eight Regional Director slots.

Six positions are filled.

Actively interviewing for final two Regional Director slots.

Tim Randolph will not be at the January 29 event in Tucson.

Bob Schulz in Tucson, Arizona Saturday January 28.

Contact: Terry Bressi AZ WTP Congress State Coordinator.

Volunteer photographers and audio correspondents needed in Tucson January 28.

WTP Congress set to become biggest news network in the world.

Daily status reports from National Director Tim Randolph here at the blog.

List of Regional Directors will be posted at top of left hand column of this blog.

Tim Randolph will hold question and answer sessions here at the blog.

Telephone conference calls with National and Regional Directors coming.

Audio of telephone conference calls will be posted here at the blog.

Video blogging coming soon.

Click on links below to listen to the audio recording of the call...

Audio Segment One

Audio Segment Two