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Friday, January 20, 2006

Conference Bridge Test Concluded At This Time

Ok, that was a pretty good test. I got the hang of setting up a free teleconference bridge and recording it with the Odeo recorder.

I think the Odeo recorder quit recording though about half way through. It may have the same problem as the audioblogger system that always stops recording after awhile causing you to lose a lot of recording time when you thought you were recording but when in fact the system has stopped recording.

We'll keep at it and see how it goes. We may have to go with the $5 per month audioblog.com system which seems to be very reliable at least.

Here are the audio recordings from the test tonight. It's just me talking and listening to hold music from the conference bridge that noboby joined. We'll try it again and see if we have better luck then.

Also the Odeo Audio Flashplayer doesn't seem to be showing up at this time. They may have some problems with that too. Odeo may not yet be ready for prime time. We'll keep testing and see how it goes.

Audio Segment One

Audio Segment Two

You can also play the audio in the Odeo flash player here and here.