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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Ward Dean Transferred To North Carolina

04/12/06 Dr. Dean was put on a bus this morning headed for the
mental hospital in North Carolina. The court, at the behest of
Doc's attorney, ordered a psych evaluation. We don't know how long
it will take him to get there, but he should be there from 4 to 6
weeks once he arrives. After that, he will be returned for

I have sent the following letter to Judicial Watch and others
without response. After we received your email from J.A.I.L., we
tried to send it to them, but it was always kicked back. Could you
please forward it to them, or give us their e-mail?


Dear J.A.I.L.,

Dr. Ward F. Dean is my personal physician and friend. He is an
officer and a gentleman, West Point graduate, retired Navy
Commander, medical doctor and a true American patriot of the first

Several years ago, Dr. Dean discovered the truth about the fiat
money system foisted upon the American people by Congress, through
the Federal Reserve, and the fraudulent administration of the income
tax. After much study of Supreme Court cases, the Internal Revenue
Code, historical documents, and many books, he could no longer
participate in the federal tax scam in good conscience. He settled
on the method of Irwin Schiff, filing a 1040 zero return with an
affidavit stating why he was filing at all, why he was filing a zero
return, and why he believed he had no liability for federal income

After doing this for seven years, the government began to harass him
and ultimately ordered a grand jury investigation. Dr. Dean
addressed all their correspondence and requested to meet with the
grand jury. He also called a meeting with the IRS agent
investigating him and asked to see the agent's oath of office, job
description, delegation of authority from the Secretary of the
Treasury to conduct the investigation and repeatedly requested to
see the law that made him liable for any federal tax or imposed any
duty on him to file any returns. The agent would not answer any of
those concerns and got so angry that he threw a document at Dr.
Dean, knocking over Dr. Dean's tape recorder.

In the end, the government ignored everything Dr. Dean presented,
while stubbornly refusing to offer any substantive answers to his
questions. The government finally gave a pretense of allowing Dr.
Dean to testify before the grand jury, but cut him off before he had
an opportunity to discuss the law. Ten minutes after leaving the
federal courthouse, he was ambushed by a multi-jurisdictional task
force consisting of Florida Highway Patrol, Escambia County
Sheriff's deputies and IRS agents and was arrested at gun point by
M-16-bearing officers.

From the arraignment by the magistrate to the end of his trial, the
government never once cited the specific statute that Dr. Dean
allegedly violated other than a penalty statute.

The IRS's manual requires that they submit a Form 9131 before they
can legally call for a grand jury investigation. Dr. Dean
submitted a FOIA request for the required Form 9131, but it was
denied. He appealed and that was denied. He finally sued them and
got the document, but everything on it was redacted except his name.
To this date, IRS has refused to supply him with that document.

Suspecting irregularities in the selection of the petit jury and
grand jury, Dr. Dean requested to inspect the grand and petit jury
lists. The government finally allowed the inspection a couple days
before trial. He sent two private investigators to Tallahassee,
Florida. The investigators were not given a complete list of
potential grand jurors. Finally, on the morning of the trial, the
judge called Tallahassee. People from the clerk's office said they
gave the investigators the lists, and that Dr. Dean's agents were
telling a bold-faced lie. The judge had the lists e-mailed to the
courthouse and they were given to Dr. Dean and his attorneys. The
lists revealed that the foreperson of the grand jury who signed the
indictment wasn't even on the list, and many of the questionnaires
filled out by the jurors were incomplete. Some questionnaires
reflected the names of persons born overseas, some did not even bear
a checkmark in the citizenship box, and some did not show that the
potential jurors were residents of the district long enough to

Even though there were obvious flaws in the grand jury records, the
judge ignored the issue and proceeded with the trial. The lead
defense attorney and the judge had some discussion about this, but
when the transcript finally came out, that conversation was omitted.
At the conclusion of the trial, Dr. Dean was handcuffed, shackled
and dragged off to jail, while the clerk scooped up the jury
records, even though the Supreme Court case of Test v. United
States declared that the defendant had an "unqualified right" to
inspect, copy and use those records in his defense.

The prosecution portrayed Dr. Dean as a belligerent, greedy,
anti-government radical. The (now retired) IRS agent lied under
oath and the DOJ and IRS knew he was lying, as they had access to
the transcript of a meeting that the IRS agent lied about during his
testimony. In closing arguments, the AUSA asked the jurors if they
were going to believe the dedicated IRS agent, or the lying
Defendant (in so many words). Moreover, they claimed that Dr. Dean
promoted an illegal drug, even after Dr. Dean supplied the
government with written proof that the substance was an FDA-approved
Schedule III substance and was perfectly legal.

Although the judge quoted portions of the Supreme Court case of
Cheek v. United States, in the Court's final jury instructions, the
instructions were actually opposite to what the Cheek decision
required, and came as close to a directed verdict as anything we've
ever seen.

Dr. Dean was denied bond and has been in jail ever since his
conviction. This case stinks to high heaven. The indictment and
arrest warrant were sealed, even though Dr. Dean was open and above
board from the beginning. Dr. Dean was charged with six counts of
income tax evasion and one count of impeding the IRS, the first six
being felonies. The last charge was particularly bizarre. The IRS
issued a summons to his bank for books and records. Dr. Dean wrote
a letter to the bank and told them that if they released his
personal information without first making sure that the agent had
the proper, legal authority to issue the summons that he would sue
the bank. For writing that letter, Dr. Dean was tried and
convicted of a crime. The IRS never took any positive, lawful steps
by civil procedures to collect any supposed taxes owed, but went
straight to criminal prosecution. No assessment was ever produced,
no delinquent tax was ever verified and no law was ever quoted
imposing any obligation on Dr. Dean.

We can furnish you with the full court docket (except those items
that were sealed by the court), as well as the trial transcript.
Attached is Dr. Dean's CV (Curriculum Vitae) to give you some
indication of Dr. Dean's commitment to America. This fine man has
been railroaded into jail by fraud and deception, from both the DOJ
attorneys and their tag-team partner, Judge Lacey Collier.

We were hoping to find someone like J.A.I.L. who could help Dr.

Thank you so much,

Billy Bass

Pensacola, FL

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

From the desk of Alex Petroski, South East Regional Director

Great news!

The college campus drive has begun!

St. Petersburg College has agreed for "We The People" to set up tables at all their campus's to pass out information and answer any questions the students have regarding the organization and what we do.

The Associate Provost met with the other campus Provosts last week and we recieved their permission to set up for a couple hours per day, two days a week to start off, in Pinellas County, Fl. Also we will be setting up a table at the "Bull Market" at the University of South Florida in Tampa beginning next week, Wednesday.

We are not allowed to push anything on anyone, but we are allowed to talk, pass out flyers and brochures, and we will do our best to set up chapters on each campus to teach "junior" WTP Congressmen and women.

This is also a call to action! Anyone living in the area that can spare the time to volunteer at the tables for a couple hours one or two days a week, please get in touch with me or Steve Roberts, the Education Committee chairman.

Also, anyone wishing to set up something at colleges and Universities close to you, please call Donna and she will tell you what you need to do. All I can say is, "Thanks for all those who are making the effort to stand up for our rights." We couldn't do it without you.

Things are moving along at a fast pace, considering, so let us know soon.



Monday, April 10, 2006

Wednesday Night Conference Call

Hello Everyone:

I apologize for being late last week. I have someone who will call me this week if I am one minute late.


We will be discussing :
Committees(they are growing)
Future Convention
Stepping up as Coordinators and volunteers
Question and Answers

Conference Details
Date: Wednesday, April 12, 2006
Start Time: 10:00 PM
End Time: 11:25 PM

Type of Conference: Web-Scheduled Standard
Dial-in Number: 1-605-725-3600

Participant Access Code: 98118
Conference Controls: Q&A Mode (participants are muted but may unmute themselves, Organizers are unmuted)

Entry Chimes - Enabled

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Sunday, April 09, 2006

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Somebody tried to call in a report but they used the old numbers. That account has been canceled. Please get the new call in numbers from Mike Bodine and give it another try. Please try again even if you are back home now. Call in to the new numbers and give us the scoop on what you were trying to say and let us know who it was that was trying. - admin

It's Showtime In Las Vegas

SUNDAY April 9 --- 11 AM
Tropicana Cinemas
3330 E. Tropicana Ave.
Las Vegas, Nevada 89121

Southeast Yahoo Group

We have started a yahoo group for all of you to post messages and thoughts. The mission statement of We The People is available on the Home page of the group but I thought I would share it with you now as well. Also we are asking that our members make sure you have a copy of the Constitution and amendments, as well as a copy of your own State Constitution. You can get them online or through your Secretary of State. Then Read it! Become familiar with it! You can do more knowing what your rights are and what you can stand up for!

Mission Statement

The mission of the We The People organization is:

To protect, preserve and enhance the unalienable rights, liberties and freedoms of the people.

To teach people that under our system of governance all power comes from the people and all government is limited by our written constitutions.

To help people become better informed about the history and meaning of every provision of the Declaration of Independence and their State and federal constitutions.

To help people become better informed about what is really going on in government.

To help people become better informed about how to confront unconstitutional and illegal behavior by those wielding power in government at all levels.

To institutionalize vigilance by the ordinary, nonaligned citizen-voter-taxpayers.

Links to join and post.


Post message: we_the_people_southeast@yahoogroups.com

Subscribe: we_the_people_southeast-subscribe@yahoogroups.com

Hope to hear from you soon,

Alex Petroski

Saturday, April 08, 2006

History Is On Our Side

From the Desk of Alex Petroski, South East Regional Director of WTP

Since our last talk so much has happened.

Most significantly, WTP started the Ft. Myers - Naples Florida monthly meeting. We will be having the first Tampa Bay monthly meeting in Pinellas County next week.

The committees are beginning to get going. Remember all we ask is for 2-3 hours a week be dedicated to working together to accomplish our goals. This can be done over the phone for the most part. There are other items in motion that we will update you on as they happen.

MOST IMPORTANT! Do not look to National headquarters or even to me as the South Eastern Director to move things along. This effort MUST be a grassroots, neighborhood coalition. We need to reach the School Board, the County Commission, the Town Council. They all must be educated. We need to contact the local Police and Sheriff's offices and then the Community Attorneys.

In Tampa Bay, we are working diligently using this area as a template. From there we will duplicate what we have learned and are applying all over the South East. We here in Tampa will include all who want to help.

Please remember to put your best foot forward as many in government do not understand their true roll. We need to teach them.

I encourage all to be sure you are in compliance with all your local laws and other statutes. Those that owe Federal, State, and Local taxes be sure you file correctly and with honesty and integrity

Remember, history is on our side. A minutes worth of education and organization can institute change. We will succeed in this noble endeavor. All good men and women must stand up and be counted.

Thank you for all your help,



County Attorney, County Sheriff, and Police Departments

While on the conference call this past Wednesday night, a couple of people indicated they have knowledge of how to deal with the County Attorney, County Sheriff, and Police Departments.

Please contact me today. We the People needs to set this in motion.


Alex Petroski
Southeast Director
Tampa Bay, Florida

When a government has ceased to protect the lives, liberty and property of the people, from whom it's legitimate powers are derived, and for the advancement of whose happiness it was instituted, and, so far from being a guarantee for the enjoyment of those inestimable and inalienable rights, becomes an instrument in the hands of evil rulers for their oppression. . .


It's Showtime In San Francisco

SATURDAY, April 8 1 PM to 5 PM
Victoria Theatre
2961 16th Street
San Francisco, CA 94103
(415) 863-7576 Theatre
(In the Mission District, between Mission and Van Ness)

Friday, April 07, 2006

Seeking Reporters

Seeking reporters from the events this weekend. If you attend any of the showings this weekend or know anybody who did or will, please leave a report in the reader comments so we can post it to the blog. Any pictures would be great too.

Coming Up...

San Jose on Friday, April 7

SATURDAY, April 8 1 PM to 5 PM
Victoria Theatre
2961 16th Street
San Francisco, CA 94103
(415) 863-7576 Theatre
(In the Mission District, between Mission and Van Ness)

SUNDAY April 9 --- 11 AM
Tropicana Cinemas
3330 E. Tropicana Ave.
Las Vegas, Nevada 89121

See latest schedule and flyers here.

Sunday Las Vegas Showing

From : Mike Golden mike_golden@comcast.net
Sent : Friday, April 7, 2006 10:37 PM

Sorry to bug everyone again... But I need everyone's HELP!!!! To get this Final information out... The times have been changed sooo Many times, There is a very real possibility of Confusion & or Chaos. This is the actual times of the showing...

See flyer here.

Direct Link To Irwin Schiff Interview On CNN

Here is a direct link to the Irwin Schiff interview on CNN.

Thanks to anonymous in reader comments.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Ask The Experts

From the reader comments...

Try this yourself and see if you get thrown off for telling the truth too about the film...

I got thrown off of Tax Expert Jeff Schnepper's message board at msn.com for posting a link to the movie trailer by Arronn Russo's new film and the statement in the movie about taxes being voluntary. Ironically I mentioned it was a lawyer in the movie who made the comment...and Jeff Schnepper is supposedly a lawyer. I didn't use profanity or vulgarity but within 30 minutes of the post I got back this message: "You are restricted from accesing this site by the group's manager or by microsoft"


Anonymous | 04.06.06 - 11:14 pm | #

Good work anonymous. - admin

Irwin Schiff Interview on CNN

From the reader comments...

I listened to the podcast of the interview of Irwin Schiff by Ali Velshi that was done on April 5, 2006. I could not believe what i heard when i heard the interview with Anthony Burk of the IRS. It made me so mad i could just screem. I could not believe the lies Anthony Burk was saying. On the CNN website that the podcast can be heard is


Close to the top of that website there is a place you can click on and send feedback. I did just that and below is what i sent to them as feedback from me. I think everyone should to the same.

On April 5, 2006 at 2:00 PM, Ali Velshi interviewed several people regarding the "income Tax." One of which was Anthony Burk. He states that "income is later on defined in section 61." This is a flat out lie and should be corrected. There is no section of Title 26 labeled Internal Revenue Code that defines the term "income." He mentioned early that it was passed by congress. This also is a flat out lie and also should be corrected. Congress has not and can not define the term "income." The term can only be defined by the courts. The United States Supreme Court has defined the term "income" and it is not what most people think it is. I encourage everyone to do the research required to find out the TRUE definition of the term "income."

Robert B | 04.06.06 - 11:43 pm | #

Thanks Robert B for the comments and the link. - admin

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Nick Jesson Sentenced to Prison

A nationally known anti-tax crusader who ran for California governor in 2002 must serve 27 months in prison for tax fraud, a federal judge ordered Monday.

George Henry 'Nick' Jesson of Fountain Valley had disputed the legality of withholding personal income taxes.

Read article here.

UPDATE: Here is a link that does not require you to register. Thanks to anonymous in reader comments.

Also anonymous shows us that the comments are working it's just that the counter does not show up until the first comment is made. Thank you anonymous commenter.

Wednesday Night Conference Call

Conference Details

Date: Wednesday, April 05, 2006
Start Time: 10:00:00 PM EDT
End Time: 10:55:00 PM EDT

Type of Conference: Web-Scheduled Standard
Dial-in Number: 1-712-580-1800 (Iowa)

Participant Access Code: 86395
Conference Controls: Q&A Mode (participants are muted but may unmute themselves, Organizers are unmuted)

Entry Chimes - Enabled

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Subject: Weekly South East Conference Call
Comments/Agenda: Membership
Aaron Russo Film in Orlando
Montel Williams Show
Questions and Answers
We have to keep focused, so keep questions pertaining to the above information.
Any other questions should be emailed to me or call to discuss at another time

Conference booked by Alex Petroski on Friday, March 31, 2006 at 12:12:08 PM

CNN News Radio With Irwin Schiff

From: Angela Stark angelastark@comcast.net
Subject: Correction IS Wed. April 5 Morning CNN News Radio
Sent: Wednesday, April 5, 2006 8:49 AM

Listen to CNN News radio with Irwin Schiff.
Wednesday April 5th
11 am - 11:15 am eastern
CNN Headline News
Tax News Show

Try this link to listen.

Click on CNN News



Email not read until after the show time. No further details at this time. - admin

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Reader Comments

Something is wrong with the reader comments. We're working on it. Can leave comments here in the meantime.

Roger Sherman

Roger Sherman (April 19 (O.S.), April 30 (N.S.), 1721 - July 23, 1793), was the only person to have signed all four basic documents of American sovereignty: the Continental Association of 1774, the Declaration of Independence, the Articles of Confederation, and the United States Constitution. He also wrote "A CAVEAT AGAINST INJUSTICE or An Inquiry into the Evils of a Fluctuating Medium of Exchange." Thomas Jefferson is quoted as having said about him, "That is Mr. Sherman of Connecticut, a man who never said a foolish thing in his life."

Read more here.

Seeking Volunteers

Seeking volunteers to leave comments at U.S. Rep. Jack Kingston's blog as well as other blogging lawmakers found here.